There’s always something to do!

What will you visit during your stay?.

From junction to junction


Biking from junction to junction around the cycling network will transport you to the most beautiful spots of panoramic Groningen. Take to the pedals and enjoy the wind in your hair. The sea dike, the ancient raised mounds, the gardens, the country houses and former forts. Or why not visit the friendly villages with their lovely patio cafés where you can take a break. Groningen is at the same time large and small enough for fantastic cycling trips. The cycling network organised in numbered junctions gives you all the freedom you need.

Gems not to be missed include:
“Kiek over Diek”, “Molenaarsroute”, “Pieterpad” and “Mest en Vork route”. Have fun cycling!

So beautiful.. so close

The village of Termunten

The area around Termunten and Termunterzijl also features fun places of interest. A visit to the Cremer Pumping Station Museum should certainly be on your list. There, you can learn how people in these low-lying areas keep their feet dry. And while you’re in Termunten, don’t miss out on eating fresh fish at Landman Fish restaurant or the Westerhuis Vispaleis. Not to forget the seals at the Punt van Reide and the Second World War bunkers of Batterij Fiemel.

Closer to home, there’s also plenty to do. How about (indoor) swimming in Dubbelslag, Kardinge, Schildmeer, Gruno or Tropicana, climbing and clambering around Ballorig or the Adventurepark Waddenfun, trampolines at JumpXL, a visit to the petting zoo or DoeZoo Leens, a trip to the Muzee aquarium, climbing the Martini tower or taking in a film at the cinema.

Ferry MS Romanticay

Eemshaven to Norway

If you want to go to Norway by car, camper or caravan, you must always drive to Germany or Denmark first. What long distances are. This will be over from 2022. Then a ferry service to Southern Norway will start from Eemshaven in Groningen. The ferry will take you to the city of Kristiansand. The new company Holland Norway Lines will sail with the MS Romantika, a modern ferry. Thanks to the new connection, you can travel comfortably from the Netherlands to Norway. It saves many hours of driving.



Delfzijl, a fortified town located between the Dollard and Wadden Sea, which invites you not only to come shopping, but also to savour, experience and discover its age-old relationship with the water, on the dike, on the beach, under the old gateway and in the harbour. A town full of adventurous stories. But also a town with an age-old bond with the sea. The shopping streets of Delfzijl are all the more special because of their location within the contours of the former fortifications. Delfzijl and its harbour are certainly worth a visit.

The Netherlands.. land of water


Out we go, into the countryside! It’s time to experience these beautiful surroundings in a completely different manner. From the water. In a stable and well-behaved Canadian canoe or in an elegant kayak. Following a brief explanation, your paddling fun can begin. A few metres on, and you’ll get the hang of it, ready to dive into the world of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.